Video Clips on Nature are Awesome

Nature is our physical world. It is a vast realm from atomic to galactic, with many layers in between. The atmosphere, the oceans, lakes, rivers, waterways, topography, wilderness, plants, animals all are a part of nature. Filmmakers and scientist have for a long time captured the bounties of nature, the vagaries of nature and nature in its many moods for the viewers.

One name that instantly comes to mind when talking about nature and videos made on nature is that of Sir David Attenborough whose series “Life on Earth” is a benchmark of quality for other nature films. Another person of towering stature was Jacques Cousteau whose is credited with over 120 television documentaries on nature. But these videos were full length video documentaries involving a lot of investment.Today, short nature videos for online postings are being made by a cross section of people from amateurs, to teachers, to school kids, wanting to capture nature at its best.

Online Nature Videos are short clips and are used for viewing pleasure of nature lovers, or are used by teachers as teaching resources, or by students as learning resources.These videos cover a wide vista of subjects and help people know more about animals and plants, their habitats, conservation and recycling. These videos take us on journeys to exotic places like the Poles, the Great Barrier Reef, the Himalayas. These videos help us explore our planet and learn more about it and its components. Thus these short nature video clips are a great online resource and a vast repository of knowledge.

These online nature videos make learning real life experience. For students, young and old alike, sitting at home or in a class room and observing animals in their natural habitats in another part of the world, hearing their cries as they stalk and prey, observing the flurry of motion as birds take to flight, or seeing exotic cultures in their own places, all enhance the learning experience, thanks to these nature clips.

Apart from just learning resources, these nature video clips also teach us to appreciate nature, understand the dynamics of it, and also make us aware of the need to act towards conservation of nature.


Cute and Funny Animal Video Clips

Cute animal videos have universal appeal. Pets pretty much rule the roost in cyberspace. Everyone, whether they acknowledge it or not, like seeing pictures and videos of animals. There is something so fundamental in their appeal that even the most pragmatic people find it difficult to resist a cute animal video.

Today, there are many websites dedicated solely cute animals and their antics. In fact it is difficult to find a site that does not occasionally feature an animal interest story with cute pictures and catchy captions. LOLCats are a standing proof of this. People cannot get enough of the cute pictures making the website Cheezburgers one of the most popular sites. The cute and funny videos of animals also satisfy a craving amongst those who want to keep pets but cannot for various reasons. With a huge number of videos available of cute animals of all species, there is no need to invest in a pet if there are serious constraints to it.

Social media like the Facebook has made it very easy for pet lovers and animal lovers to share nice videos and photos of animals for others to enjoy. Videos of lovable animals are irresistible for most people, and the reach of the social media makes it very easy to pass on those videos that we like to others in the network, making a simple funny animal video go viral online.
Some of the cutest and funniest animal videos of last year featured both wild and domestic animals. Some of these animal videos were used for appeals and some were shared just for fun. But these animal videos had one thing in common that is they all went viral in 2012.

A video from the Chengdu Panda Base of four pandas playing on the slide was fantastic and was a big hit in 2012. This clip was used to raise awareness of the pandas. Another sweet animal video that was a huge his was that of three little bears being rescued from the dumpster by humans while the mother bear looked on. This video has a very happy feel to it and all of us adore happy endings. Then there is a clip of a French bulldog named Baby adopting six wild baby boars – can anything else be more cute or touching?

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Importance of Technology Video Clips

Technology video clips feature awesome gadgets, futuristic tools, innovative machines and such things that are related to technology of today and that of the future. These video clips can cover a wide range of subject matters ranging from inventions, machines, IT tools, communication gadgets to subjects like science, finance, medicines etc.

With the availability of Technology Videos Online, knowledge is no longer the realm of privileged few but is there for mass use. These technology video clips help people learn all that is new and happening in the world today and make them more aware of the technology available for their use. These clips increase the knowledge base of all modern citizens and make them more aware of the advancements made in the world of technology today.

These video clips can also be integrated into school curricula and be used as teaching tools. These clips help students understand complex problems faster, increase their powers of concentration and retention and encourages the students to engage in critical thinking.

Most importantly these videos are a unique approach to spreading knowledge amongst learners and as such importance of technology video clips cannot be ignored. Edutainment is the order of the day and these technology clips are a great source of edutainment, helping those with learning disabilities and even others without these problems understand curriculum better.

Technology video clips can be very humorous too.  With advancement of technology, the various usages of such technology also increase, and some of these usages are downright funny. People have let their imagination have a free reign in deciding probable usages of such technology and these technology video clips are hilarious to watch and are pure entertainment.

Technology is a big industry and scientists, researchers, and research and development wings of various companies are working round the clock to make something exclusive, and once these exclusive discoveries are uploaded to the internet, they become instant hits and become very popular video clips. Thus everyday new things are being invented and posted online and people are advancing towards a better and a brighter future thanks to these technology video clips.

Citizen Journalism or Marketing? What Makes Best Online Videos

There is a plethora of online videos available on YouTube, Facebook, Google videos and other such sites, which have become a prevalent source of socializing, information sharing and entertainment. Online videos have gained so much in popularity that people are forever watching the best online video clips, whether in their laptops, tablets, or even cell phones.

But what makes  best online videos? What are the people watching most? Is there more demand for citizen journalism videos or is it the peppy marketing videos that are ruling the roost or are people being attracted to only those videos that are providing entertainment? The answer to above question is – it all depends on the intention with which the video was made and which niche it was looking to cater to. While Entertainment Videos remain popular, best online videos are often those that highlight a cause and call for action, or those that feature new and innovative products and information.

So what are citizen journalism videos?  Videos of important political event, historical moments, humanitarian interventions recorded by individuals who felt the need to share these clips with a global audience fall in this category. These video clips by-pass press censorship and are helped by free upload websites to spread the message globally.

Sights rarely broadcast on television and first incident reports of human rights abuse, national tragedy, or political events form the backbone of such videos. Made with a lot of passion and conviction, these types of clips make best online videos as they carry mass appeal. The tsunami video clips made by the tourists on the spot were the first clips to make the world aware of the huge disaster and soon became one of the most watched and best video clips online.

Then there are amazing videos for marketing. In the last ten years or so online video has evolved to such an extent and have become such a global phenomenon that these videos are influencing the purchasing decisions of the consumers. Online video is a highly adaptable platform that can be custom made to suit the needs of the business.

The video can impart information about the product and can be conversational in manner or have a rigid professional presentation. It can impart information about the product, convince the audience about the genuinely of the same, or just open doors of conversation with like-minded people. Videos can be realistically made or be futuristic in its presentation. There is no limit to the choices. And using these choices wisely, once in a while there are such amazing videos made that they go viral and is shared globally to become best online videos.

Some of the best online videos with a marketing message have used flash mobs to attract viewers like the Finnish airlines online video where the airhostesses dance on the aisle of the airplane. Another best online video till date was the launch of the new Mercedes that does not give out any emission. The online video showed the car becoming invisible, the idea being that as there is no emission it is almost invisible to the environment. Evian water bottles also made a very clever online video showing babies in roller skates dancing around Evian and water bottles and this video became one of the best online videos and have registered more than 30million views because of the mass appeal. Everybody loves babies.

Thus the best videos online are made with lot of passion, have innovative ideas, is high on entertainment value and does not overtly market the message, yet at the end of viewing the clip the viewers are in no doubt of the message that the best video clips want to impart.

Comedy Video Clips Featuring Animals

Everyone needs to laugh, and what better way to indulge in laughter than by watching comedy clips. The internet has a wide variety of websites offering humour for all ages and tastes. While some might like watching animation fun, funny animal antics might appeal to others, while mischief of children might appeal to another category. Some viewers might prefer short comedy enactments too. Comedy clips on all these topics and more are available online and all aim to tickle our funny bone.

A good comedy clip should have a great engaging script, a decent sound track, and can be on anything that is funny from spoofs and pranks to jokes to even marketing an idea, as viewer tend to recall things when presented in a funny and humorous way.

Comedy Video Clips can also show funny animals, babies and their antics and something as silly as people falling down. But these have to be presented in a proper manner to attract viewers. A comedy video clip that has punch, attitude, good delivery style and great demeanours would have the right ingredients to be considered a great comedy clip, worth watching.

Often comedy clips that are on great demand are those featuring animals. These video clips have timeless appeal and are enjoyed by people of all ages. Such is their popularity that many animal Comedy Video Clips have gone viral in the last year.

The comedy videos feature both wild and domestic animals. So, just as there are videos of Pandas in a park trying out slides that have generated a lot of laughter and fan following, there are video clips showing pets trying out many trick, being funny or just plain mischievous, but in such an endearing manner, that watching them bring instant smiles to faces.

These comic Animal Video Clips have many uses too. Video clips of particular animals are used to generate awareness of that particular species, often these video clips are used for mass appeal, or these clips are just used as stress busters. Whatever the use, there is no denying the ever rising popularity of these comedy videos featuring animals.

Best Online Educational Videos

The internet has brought about mind boggling changes in the way people are communicating and interacting with each other and nowhere is this change more apparent than in education – a sector which has remained unchanged for a long period of time. Online education as made rapid strides in the last decade, prompting educationists to hail it as the future of education.

Major colleges have already started massive open online courses for students globally. This has revolutionized education. Now, students from remote parts of the world are in a position to choose their institutes of higher learning. They are being given more choices and good quality education is being taken right to the doorsteps of those who need it.

But how did all this start? It all started when some people felt that there was a need to break the tedium of traditional classroom teaching and enhance this learning with more visual and audio tools. Soon it was apparent that interactive learning using video clips in tandem with traditional teaching classroom learning was helping those students who were visual learners.

Another fact that emerged was that online education clips and online education helped students learn at their own pace, and also encouraged critical thinking in students. All these factors have made the use of education video clips a necessity in education institutions.

The best educational videos that are available have a few things in common. They are all of short duration and attention grabbing. The maximum duration is between seven and ten minutes. Also, Best Online Educational Videos avoid information overload. The widely watched educational videos are not boring. These videos have a healthy entertainment quotient too, so that the students watch the entire video clip without losing interest. High quality graphics, animations, audio, humour, enactments contribute towards making a good educational video.

Popular sources for best educational videos are Youtube, Khan Academy, PBSKids, Academic Earth, Math TV and a host of other sites. Most of these sites offer tutoring, mentoring and progress charts too making these websites popular with students. With the ever improving technology that day is not far off when best online educational videos will be the primary source of education for the students armed with a cheap laptop or a tablet and access to the internet, irrespective of the location of the student.

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Nature Video Clips are Soothing for Your Eyes

Naturalists have been making films capturing the bounties of nature, the vagaries of nature and the sheer diversity of nature for a very long time. When talking about naturalists and film makers names that come immediately to mind are those of Sir David Attenborough or Jacques Cousteau. But the documentaries created by them are long documentaries that are time consuming and costly to watch as they do not come for free.

With the internet making information readily available to the users, the vastness of nature can be admired through the numerous clips available online. These clips cover a wide range of topics and we vicariously visit exotic places like the mystical African lands, the Poles, the Great Barrier Reef, the Sunda Trench, all from the comforts of our home.

These nature video clips cover everything from atomic to galactic, and many other layers in between. The nature video clips make us aware of conservation, fragile ecology and fast shrinking animal habitats. These videos teach us how to recycle, conserve and reduce carbon footprints and live in a sustainable manner

The nature video clips, whether made by amateurs or experts have a number of uses. These nature clips are of immense educational value and are an important online resource for teachers to make their school curricula more interesting. Another and very important usage of these videos are that they spread a very strong message regarding conservation of nature. As these video clips have a wider reach the awareness regarding protecting nature has a much wider audience, who are receptive too.

These video clips have a more pragmatic use too. These clips, with due permission from the creator can be used to enhance a variety of projects. These awe inspiring and diverse footages are of great help to students for enhancing their school projects. Nature video clips are fun to learn and easy to retain.

As ‘going green’ is in making nature clips have also caught the fancy of people. While these nature clips do not depend heavily on story board, it is necessary to identify the nature and subject of the shot. Even without expensive equipment and a foray into the jungles, it is possible to make a great nature video clip, by capturing a natural phenomenon like a thunderstorm or the advent of monsoon rains in your own locality. The main idea behind making nature video clips is to have fun while capturing great footage.

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The Ranging And Diversified Usage Of Technology Video Clips

The latest century is all about the latest innovations, creativeness and the newly updated equipments. All the different fields have recognized the usage of the new innovations and have implemented it. Some of these are the medical science, the manufacturing industries and others. Technology Video Clips are one such innovation of technology that has proved to be very helpful.

Online Videos are turning out to be very beneficial to the industry now–a-days. One reason is that there has been a fast improvisation in the quality of the videos and the second reason is that it is properly understandable. There are so different ways of viewing the videos- it can be done on cell phones, in television, computers, laptops and tabs. One such is the Time-Lapse Videos which have given a boost to the entertainment industry.

Personal Benefits:

Besides the industrial use, Technology Video Clips are also used for your personal use. It is lovely to watch the Amazing Video Clips of the occasions of the family. The joyful moment that you spend with your friends and family can all be captured in the video and can be viewed again and again to cherish these memories.
It is becoming very easy to view and access the videos an these files can be sent across online so that others can also view it. It can also be publicly or privately owned. It can be done in some other platform that is user generated or the program is web based.

Well Accepted :

Clips can also be shared on the social networking sites and so your friends can also view the joyful and the special moments of your life. Video Clips are widely being supported in the mobile phones. This is an entertainment for the people and is also effective for changing the mood.

So advent of this technology has proved to be exciting for the people. A stressed, bored or an exhausted person will be able soothe the mind with the help of the videos.

YouTube is all about visual clip and is now one of the most acceptable and appreciated site. Marketing has become a must need for the growth of the business and Time-Lapse Videos are the handy tool for this.

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Best Educational Videos Make Learning a Worthwhile Experience

Changing technologies have brought about a great change in how education reaches the classrooms today. Videos and Online Teaching has replaced textbooks and notes. The content is also richer and updated as compared to school workbooks or course books. It is also the most constructive, affordable and value added resource available to us.

If you are a teacher, you must start adopting tools such as educational videos for making teaching a fun and a memorable experience. This is one of the handiest, easiest and simplest tools to use in order to enrich and deepen the young minds.

Listed Below are Some of the Advantages of Using Best Educational Videos :

  • Some students are more visual in their grasping whereas some require audio. These clips are useful to both visual and audio learners.
  •  The concentration level of any child cannot exceed one hour. After a point children’s attention point drops down and boredom sets in. In order to regain the momentum, teachers must resort to use of videos and images to enhance their learning. A picture can help them to relate to things better and in turn strengthens their concepts and vocabulary.
  • This also helps them to stimulate their thinking and boosts their creativity.
  • Education clips have content outlines, chapters related to your syllabus so they are appropriate for every child.
  • Research also shows that children have shown improved performances in their academics.
  • Streaming such links will engage students leading to better retention and build better ideas. It is a hence a perfect blend of learning, fun and interaction at the same time.

The use of technology in the right ways such as these will help students face the competitive world in the 21st century. Media literacy and digital knowledge are a must for all the students. This experience will be beneficial for both; students as well as the teachers.

Make the Full Use of Technology Video Clips for The Students

The spurt in technology and science is not hidden from any of us. We are living in an age of technology which is ever prospering and growing. One cannot possibly keep away from all the amazing and jaw-dropping products that keeping hitting the market. One can extract these tools and exploit them to their best use.

Using videos in teaching is a completely new phenomenon. One can use the videos that are student friendly for potential classroom teaching and learning. When teachers incorporate videos and clips as teaching methods, care must be taken to ensure that these clips are appropriate and are in sync with the syllabus.

Incorporating Technology Video Clips for students is a great way of connecting with a different generation altogether. Children today are extremely gadget and net savvy. Bringing video clip in classrooms would be a great blend of fun and education. The benefits are diverse and many :  such as it enhances teaching,  brings about exposure to a variety of ideas, provides good content and information, illustrates a concept or a principle, presents alternative viewpoints, helps to apply content to real world application etc.

Apart from this, when you watch a video or a clip it brings about triggered emotions and captivating feelings. Thus using these videos can help to bring about a strong effect on the minds of children and seniors. They are able to understand and relate to the topics better. These clips can easily help them to translate abstract concepts into reality.  Their creativity and imagination is boosted thus bringing about an overall change in his/ her personality.

The aim of providing such educational resources is to make education fun, engaging, value added and a rich experience for every kid.  These videos include awesome experiments, biology basics, nature clip, gadget information, advanced robots etc. This experimental teaching can foster a desire among children learn more about their respective subject and apply things in both career and everyday life.

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