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Time-Lapse Videos – Learn The Way To Capture

Today digitization has reached to an extent that right from communicating with someone to capturing images and clips, everything has become technology based and impressive.

In such era, one can’t miss out the contribution of digital cameras, which have made moments of life more memorable. One can do some really great stuff with these gadgets. For instance, news channels capture weather status and process it to a simple clip of 20 seconds.

How to Create Such Clips?

Creating such shots seems like a magic, isn’t it? Well, this technique is not only for some commercial TV stations. In fact anyone can create such results by implementing right settings and features.

• The first step to Time-Lapse Videos is the use of appropriate features. Almost every camera has the option of interval recording. It means that particular time duration is provided to the device.

• After selecting the option, a person needs to provide the interval required in between shots. If the recording clip is going to take longer, the record time given is kept as short as possible and if the event contains lots of actions, then the time of each recording should be extended.

What are the factors responsible for good quality production?

• The camera used needs to be steady throughout the process and for that place it on a stable surface.

• Usually the videographers leave the process unattended during the shooting of such Time-Lapse Videos. In such a condition, it is very important to set up the focus initially. Both automatic as well as manual settings are available.

• The duration of a recording depends upon the event. Thus a huge expandable memory is required to be available.
If proper steps and procedure is followed, one can create some fabulous videos.


Time-lapse Videos Creating New Trend in The Photography World

You might have seen movies and videos where special effects are created through fast motion effect. It is created using as special technology that requires creativity and uniqueness in making the video look awesome. It is best known as passage of time video, because here time appears to be moving fast and lapsing, as compared to the normal ones.

In fact you are creating one for yourself, without even requiring special knowledge. You can take the help of cyber link power director that assists you in preparing different Time-lapse Videos, in a simple and effective way.

You can cast your own hero and start recording the content in a unique manner. Ask your friend or family to perform different stunts and start recording them in slow motion. If you think, for fast movements you need to record them fast then you are wrong. The technique is completely reverse and works the other way. For slow movements, you need to record the video fast.

Some of the latest software allows you to import some videos and you can improve it by adding track that enhances its beauty. Choose the video speed option and adjust the speed as per your requirement. Don’t forget to click the play button. Once the recording starts adjust the speed and make them as per your speed. You can then enjoy viewing it as per your convenience.

You can arrange different photos in a movie series or sequence. View them always whenever possible and enjoy them. With your creativity and uniqueness, you can add glory and beauty to the photos. You will be amazed to view 30 pictures at one go, in less than 30 seconds. One doesn’t need a special camera as a normal one will do. Time lapse photography is quite popular amongst amateur and professionals.

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