Video Clips on Nature are Awesome

Nature is our physical world. It is a vast realm from atomic to galactic, with many layers in between. The atmosphere, the oceans, lakes, rivers, waterways, topography, wilderness, plants, animals all are a part of nature. Filmmakers and scientist have for a long time captured the bounties of nature, the vagaries of nature and nature in its many moods for the viewers.

One name that instantly comes to mind when talking about nature and videos made on nature is that of Sir David Attenborough whose series “Life on Earth” is a benchmark of quality for other nature films. Another person of towering stature was Jacques Cousteau whose is credited with over 120 television documentaries on nature. But these videos were full length video documentaries involving a lot of investment.Today, short nature videos for online postings are being made by a cross section of people from amateurs, to teachers, to school kids, wanting to capture nature at its best.

Online Nature Videos are short clips and are used for viewing pleasure of nature lovers, or are used by teachers as teaching resources, or by students as learning resources.These videos cover a wide vista of subjects and help people know more about animals and plants, their habitats, conservation and recycling. These videos take us on journeys to exotic places like the Poles, the Great Barrier Reef, the Himalayas. These videos help us explore our planet and learn more about it and its components. Thus these short nature video clips are a great online resource and a vast repository of knowledge.

These online nature videos make learning real life experience. For students, young and old alike, sitting at home or in a class room and observing animals in their natural habitats in another part of the world, hearing their cries as they stalk and prey, observing the flurry of motion as birds take to flight, or seeing exotic cultures in their own places, all enhance the learning experience, thanks to these nature clips.

Apart from just learning resources, these nature video clips also teach us to appreciate nature, understand the dynamics of it, and also make us aware of the need to act towards conservation of nature.

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