Citizen Journalism or Marketing? What Makes Best Online Videos

There is a plethora of online videos available on YouTube, Facebook, Google videos and other such sites, which have become a prevalent source of socializing, information sharing and entertainment. Online videos have gained so much in popularity that people are forever watching the best online video clips, whether in their laptops, tablets, or even cell phones.

But what makes  best online videos? What are the people watching most? Is there more demand for citizen journalism videos or is it the peppy marketing videos that are ruling the roost or are people being attracted to only those videos that are providing entertainment? The answer to above question is – it all depends on the intention with which the video was made and which niche it was looking to cater to. While Entertainment Videos remain popular, best online videos are often those that highlight a cause and call for action, or those that feature new and innovative products and information.

So what are citizen journalism videos?  Videos of important political event, historical moments, humanitarian interventions recorded by individuals who felt the need to share these clips with a global audience fall in this category. These video clips by-pass press censorship and are helped by free upload websites to spread the message globally.

Sights rarely broadcast on television and first incident reports of human rights abuse, national tragedy, or political events form the backbone of such videos. Made with a lot of passion and conviction, these types of clips make best online videos as they carry mass appeal. The tsunami video clips made by the tourists on the spot were the first clips to make the world aware of the huge disaster and soon became one of the most watched and best video clips online.

Then there are amazing videos for marketing. In the last ten years or so online video has evolved to such an extent and have become such a global phenomenon that these videos are influencing the purchasing decisions of the consumers. Online video is a highly adaptable platform that can be custom made to suit the needs of the business.

The video can impart information about the product and can be conversational in manner or have a rigid professional presentation. It can impart information about the product, convince the audience about the genuinely of the same, or just open doors of conversation with like-minded people. Videos can be realistically made or be futuristic in its presentation. There is no limit to the choices. And using these choices wisely, once in a while there are such amazing videos made that they go viral and is shared globally to become best online videos.

Some of the best online videos with a marketing message have used flash mobs to attract viewers like the Finnish airlines online video where the airhostesses dance on the aisle of the airplane. Another best online video till date was the launch of the new Mercedes that does not give out any emission. The online video showed the car becoming invisible, the idea being that as there is no emission it is almost invisible to the environment. Evian water bottles also made a very clever online video showing babies in roller skates dancing around Evian and water bottles and this video became one of the best online videos and have registered more than 30million views because of the mass appeal. Everybody loves babies.

Thus the best videos online are made with lot of passion, have innovative ideas, is high on entertainment value and does not overtly market the message, yet at the end of viewing the clip the viewers are in no doubt of the message that the best video clips want to impart.

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