Best Online Educational Videos

The internet has brought about mind boggling changes in the way people are communicating and interacting with each other and nowhere is this change more apparent than in education – a sector which has remained unchanged for a long period of time. Online education as made rapid strides in the last decade, prompting educationists to hail it as the future of education.

Major colleges have already started massive open online courses for students globally. This has revolutionized education. Now, students from remote parts of the world are in a position to choose their institutes of higher learning. They are being given more choices and good quality education is being taken right to the doorsteps of those who need it.

But how did all this start? It all started when some people felt that there was a need to break the tedium of traditional classroom teaching and enhance this learning with more visual and audio tools. Soon it was apparent that interactive learning using video clips in tandem with traditional teaching classroom learning was helping those students who were visual learners.

Another fact that emerged was that online education clips and online education helped students learn at their own pace, and also encouraged critical thinking in students. All these factors have made the use of education video clips a necessity in education institutions.

The best educational videos that are available have a few things in common. They are all of short duration and attention grabbing. The maximum duration is between seven and ten minutes. Also, Best Online Educational Videos avoid information overload. The widely watched educational videos are not boring. These videos have a healthy entertainment quotient too, so that the students watch the entire video clip without losing interest. High quality graphics, animations, audio, humour, enactments contribute towards making a good educational video.

Popular sources for best educational videos are Youtube, Khan Academy, PBSKids, Academic Earth, Math TV and a host of other sites. Most of these sites offer tutoring, mentoring and progress charts too making these websites popular with students. With the ever improving technology that day is not far off when best online educational videos will be the primary source of education for the students armed with a cheap laptop or a tablet and access to the internet, irrespective of the location of the student.

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