Nature Video Clips are Soothing for Your Eyes

Naturalists have been making films capturing the bounties of nature, the vagaries of nature and the sheer diversity of nature for a very long time. When talking about naturalists and film makers names that come immediately to mind are those of Sir David Attenborough or Jacques Cousteau. But the documentaries created by them are long documentaries that are time consuming and costly to watch as they do not come for free.

With the internet making information readily available to the users, the vastness of nature can be admired through the numerous clips available online. These clips cover a wide range of topics and we vicariously visit exotic places like the mystical African lands, the Poles, the Great Barrier Reef, the Sunda Trench, all from the comforts of our home.

These nature video clips cover everything from atomic to galactic, and many other layers in between. The nature video clips make us aware of conservation, fragile ecology and fast shrinking animal habitats. These videos teach us how to recycle, conserve and reduce carbon footprints and live in a sustainable manner

The nature video clips, whether made by amateurs or experts have a number of uses. These nature clips are of immense educational value and are an important online resource for teachers to make their school curricula more interesting. Another and very important usage of these videos are that they spread a very strong message regarding conservation of nature. As these video clips have a wider reach the awareness regarding protecting nature has a much wider audience, who are receptive too.

These video clips have a more pragmatic use too. These clips, with due permission from the creator can be used to enhance a variety of projects. These awe inspiring and diverse footages are of great help to students for enhancing their school projects. Nature video clips are fun to learn and easy to retain.

As ‘going green’ is in making nature clips have also caught the fancy of people. While these nature clips do not depend heavily on story board, it is necessary to identify the nature and subject of the shot. Even without expensive equipment and a foray into the jungles, it is possible to make a great nature video clip, by capturing a natural phenomenon like a thunderstorm or the advent of monsoon rains in your own locality. The main idea behind making nature video clips is to have fun while capturing great footage.

You can watch the most viewed nature video clips from here.

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